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Why opt for Email Newsletters?

For decades, companies have been using normal mail to send newsletters to their customers. This has been an effective method and has compelled thousands of companies to do the same. In countries like US and UK, daily mail is notoriously popular for being overloaded with newsletters.

However, as the internet becomes a bigger part of our lives, newsletters are slowly moving from our mail box to email inbox. The digital versions of newsletters and sales emails have become a common fixture in our email inbox and the fact is, most people love to read latest news, gossip and information about the products, services and issues they are interested in.

So, email newsletters are here to say. If you are still using the old model of marketing, then there is more than one reason for you to start using email newsletter.

Why you should opt for email newsletters:

  1. Environment friendly:Let’s face it, global warming has started showing its signs and it’s time that we start taking care of our environment. Hence, instead of wasting paper in printing thousands of newsletters, most of which would go to trash cans instead of recycle bins, is brutal. Email newsletters don’t use any paper or ink and don’t require transportation and envelopes to be delivered. They are extremely environment friendly.
  2. 100% delivery:Sending newsletters through postage carries the risk of newsletters getting damaged or lost in transit. The worst part is that in most cases, you won’t even be able to know which of your customers didn’t receive your newsletters. Email newsletters provide 100% guarantee of delivery, provided the email addresses you’ve entered are valid and correct. There is no wastage and you know exactly the number of customers who’ve received and read your newsletters.
  3. No delays:Emails newsletters are sent to the entire customer base within hours. This is great advantage if you want to communicate something important and urgent. Normal mailing system, no matter which career you choose, may get delayed due to weather conditions, traffic jams, strikes, unrest etc. Many times, these factors may bring your entire newsletter campaign to a complete halt; resulting in huge monetary loss.
  4. Instant action:Email newsletters inspire your customers to take instant action. All they have to do is to click on the links and visit your website. Once you’ve got them to your website, you can impress them with your products and services. This can prove to be a great move towards boosting your sales and profits. On the other hand, with a paper based newsletters, only the customers that are looking into making a purchase will be inspired to do so.
  5. Catch your audience:No matter, what is the average age of your targeted customer, there is a huge chance that he or she uses internet in some way or the other. So, by sending an email directly to their personal inbox, you can catch their attention.

The whole world is moving from old models towards the digital age. It is now the time to revamp your email marketing campaign and give your audience what they want.

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