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Ways You can use to Build up your Subscribers List

When it comes to online marketing, it is important to have a well developed and arranged list of your subscribers. Having a list helps you to know who your loyal subscribers are and also know if your marketing strategy is working.

The following tips can be very effective for you when you are working to build your subscribers list.

  1. When sending emails to your clients, it is important to include a newsletter subscription link at the bottom of the message page which they can follow if they choose to subscribe.
  1. By checking on your email contact list, you can send each and every contact the newsletter subscription link and ask them to subscribe. It is unethical to add contacts in your email to your subscription list without having their consent first.
  1. It is also possible to link up with another business that offers services related to what you are offering for a complementary venture. In such a venture, you ask a business that already sends its promotions to its clients via mail to include the link to your newsletters in their outgoing mails. Here, an interested reader may find your link informative and decide to subscribe thus building your subscribers list.
  1. If as a marketer you run a website, it is important to include a newsletter subscription link in the website’s page. This will make it easy for any person interested in subscribing to do so.
  1. Keeping track of your website’s statistics is very important as it allows one to know which pages are mostly viewed by visitors and therefore gives you a guideline in which pages to include a subscription list.
  1. At the back of your business card, you can print a small note asking your clients or target audience to subscribe for your newsletters in your website.
  1. In your website, you can use a pop-up window that appears when someone visits your website. In the pop-up window you can include a dialog box that asks the visitor to leave their email address if they want to register for a newsletter.
  1. Most people in business offer their business cards to people as a form of promoting themselves. Therefore, as a marketer, you can contact these people and inquire from them if you can add them to your subscribers list.
  1. Receiving phone calls is an everyday affair for a business. One can therefore take advantage of this fact and inquire from the phone callers if they can add them to their newsletter subscription list.
  1. Internet provides a good platform for sharing information. It is possible for your already subscribed members to forward some of your interesting reads to their friends and it is therefore advisable that you include your subscription link in every page of your newsletter so that if one becomes interested in your articles they can subscribe.
  1. Using social media as a marketing tool has become very effective in this era of advanced technology. The use of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other social networking media can help you build your subscribers list. All you need to do is add a link in your page that people can follow so as to subscribe to your newsletters.

Building a large contact list is the first step towards a successful email marketing campaign. Thus, you must give due attention to this aspect of your marketing efforts.

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