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Ways to Improve your Twitter Following

Twitter is not a new phenomenon as it has become a part of us. Twitter is known by friends, families and even businesses and they all have taken part in tweeting. Businesses are encouraged to take advantage of such platforms so as to market their products and service.

Here are some tips that you can use to increase your twitter quality.

  1. Using real photos: Most people in social media prefer to interact with the real people and therefore, using a photo of you rather than logos and symbols will be preferable. Using logos and symbols make it seem more of a business account rather than a social account.
  2. Catchy Bio lineMost people on twitter before following you make sure that they read your bio line so as to get an idea of who they are following. With only 160 characters available, it is advisable that you maximize on it. You can include your details there and also a URL link for your website. Do not put unnecessary information.

Twitter is all about creating and attracting more followers. Here are some of the tips you can use to attract more Twitter followers. Firstly, you should ensure that you have an email list. Using the email list, you can invite the people who are on Twitter to follow you. It is also good to always include a URL link to your Twitter on your emails, blogs, business cards, pamphlets, posters and website as this will lead to your audience following you on Twitter.

Another way to use to increase the number of your followers is to register with which is a directory for Twitter users. When you register with the directory, you get listed in your business category. Once you get registered, it is good that you inform your twitter followers about it. Once you get the URL link to the directory, share it on your Facebook and LinkedIn.

It is also good that when you choose people to follow on Twitter that you choose people who share the same views as you do or are involved in the same business line as you. It is good to follow other people but those of like minds and influential will improve your results.

When you follow people and they follow you, it is important that you be engaged in the on-going discussions and sharing your views as this will establish you as a force to reckon with. It is also good to follow like minded people as people are usually curious to know who is following who. If you follow influential persons, people will also want to follow you.

The secret to having many followers is to establish you by getting involved in discussions and offering advices.

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