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Use Twitter for Customer Service

Twitter updates are quite instant and very precise. This feature has led to most businesses using Twitter to improve on their customer service and also improve their reputation by using Twitter to respond to customers’ queries immediately. Using Twitter can positively impact on businesses by allowing them to be in direct communication with their clients and in turn, promote their products and business.
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Top 5 benefits of Adopting Social Media as Marketing Tool

Thinking about revamping your marketing campaign? Do you feel that your marketing efforts are lagging behind? Have you tried incorporating social media in your marketing campaign? Social media generally means the social websites and portals where people interact with each other. It has become a great marketing tool. Even the biggest corporations in the world, like Coca Cola, McDonald’s, and Apple etc. are using this medium to promote themselves.
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Tips on Writing a Newsletter

The most vital thing about newsletters is the kind of information that you relay to the readers. It is therefore important to think of what you are going to write down as the information determines the success of your newsletter. To be able to publish an informative newsletter, one should follow the following steps.
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The Secret behind the Success of Email Newsletters

Most of us find it a little annoying to see a huge list of newsletters in our inbox from various websites. These days, almost every website worth its salt, sends newsletters. Some of them are completely useless, while others become a part of our regular reading material.
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The Importance of Newsletter Usability

How to make your newsletter make more usable? The word “usable” may sound a little strange to some people. But it is the most important factor for any project. An email newsletter may have the best written text and most beautiful pictures; it may be conceptualized with utmost care and vision. But it won’t become successful, unless and until it is of any use to the reader.
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Tips to help Determine the Frequency of Sending Newsletters

Due to the rapid growth of online marketing, a trend has been observed where the use of newsletters and email campaign have grown rapidly to an extent that we as customers end up receiving lots of them in our email inboxes. Some of these newsletters and email promotions we have subscribed to whereas others we have not. As a marketer, sending newsletters to your subscribers is important as it keeps your business relevant. The main problem is deciding on a time frame for sending the newsletters and campaigns as you fear not to annoy your subscribers.
The best way for a marketer is to develop a trend of sending their newsletters regularly to the clients.
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The Aims of Internet Newsletters

With the advancement in technology, it has become easier for companies to use newsletters as a form of promotion platform and also provide information to its clients. Newsletters are mainly developed with the main aim being providing information on particular issues on a regular basis. Companies publish newsletters so as to inform its clients of any developments and also to attract new customers. In recent years, companies have adopted the use of internet to send newsletters to its clients via their emails. These are known as eNewsletters and are mainly used by organizations with larger websites. To receive the eNewsletters, one is needed to subscribe to a company’s website that provides the information they need.
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Strategizing Social Media Marketing

Looking to create your social media marketing campaign? Social media marketing is never a “one size fits all” type of plan. Every company has its own work model, qualities and requirements. Hence it becomes very important to strategize all aspects of marketing, including social media.
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Steps to Effective Facebook Marketing

Facebook is such a global phenomenon that it has more than 500 million registered users and most are active members. For an internet marketer, utilizing Facebook as a marketing tool is very effective as there are several people who are online at one given time.
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Some Facts You Should Know About Email Marketing

When it comes to online marketing, trust is the essence and, it is very important, as a marketer that you develop trust with your clients’ base. Previously, nobody wanted to get involved in anything concerning the internet because of the rampant scams that was there and people feared their identity being stolen just by using a program online. With technological advancement, these problems have been contained and once again sanity has been restored in the online community and therefore business can be conducted with ease.
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